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The line between life and death is a thin one… and often when one crosses this line, there is no going back. However, within the realm of the Force, all things live. Even after death… this was where Solei was. Floating within the Netherworld of the Force… everywhere and nowhere… all at the same time. Her red hair floated on air as she lay in it as though she were on an invisible cloud. Solei slowly opened her eyes and looked around, seeing nothing but herself and what looked like infinite blackness surrounding her.


            “Am I… dead?” She thought as she lay on nothing. The young girl then rose to her feet. As she stood up, the vast blackness began to change into a sandy landscape. It was one that she recognized: it was her home… Tatooine. She was amidst the Dune Seas, desolate and barren. Soon enough, she then heard a sound that she knew very well. As she turned around, Solei found herself amidst an entire herd of banthas. Full grown males, females, and even a few cubs all walking around her. The sounds of the beasts braying and calling out to each other were loud and resonating. They were louder than Solei had remembered them usually being. They almost seemed to resonate more… as though they were all in unison. Several banthas, calling all at once.  Solei then saw the herd all disappear as the landscape began to change. The land shifted and shook beneath the young girl’s feet.


            “Whoa! What the space is going on?!” Solei said to herself as the sand beneath her started to shift and turn. Suddenly, every inch of the desolate landscape was covered in lush vegetation. No longer dead yellow sand, but vibrant green plants and foliage to replace it all. She then began to walk around, seeing several types of animals. Not just banthas, but several other types of animals… ones that she had never seen before.


            “Is this still Tatooine I’m on? It looks—“


            “Different? It should… this is what Tatooine looked like more than some thousand ago before it was ravaged.” A resonating voice said. Solei then looked around all over the vast jungle that surrounded her. She saw no one, until she turned back around to see someone coming out if the jungle as though the foliage and thick brush weren’t in their way… almost ghost-like. The person in question was tall and dressed in blown and tan robes that hid his face and most of his body. Solei’s eyes narrowed at the figure and then she stood up straight.


            “Who are you?” Solei said. The figure then removed his hood before her, revealing himself to be a tall dark-skinned man. He had a severe expression on his face, his eyebrows furrowed just a few inches above his eyes. He was bald-headed and quite fit for his age. He also had the face of someone who has seen many battles and held some measure of darkness in his being.


            “He’s… like me.” Solei thought. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but she could tell that he was a fighter… a warrior… not unlike herself. The only difference between them was experience. Solei may have seen many fights and won… but she had the feeling that this man before her was well beyond her level. Even his brown hardened eyes showed that he was more than a seasoned warrior. He was a warrior too… a Master warrior.


            “I am Mace Windu… a Jedi Master and a Korun… like you.” He said. Solei’s eyes widened a bit at what he said. She could feel that what he said was truth. There was no need for confirmation of what the Jedi said… it was just a feeling the young female Korun had said. The same feeling, she had when she came across Ben… it was here with her now as she saw Windu. However, she seemed confused about something that this man said.


            “What do you mean ‘just like you’? I’m not a Jedi…” Solei said.


            “No… but you are Force-sensitive. And you are a Korun.” Windu said as he approached her. His voiced carried a sense of authority as he spoke. Solei could only imagine how strong he was in a fight.


            “Korun?” Solei said, sounding confused still.


            “Yes… you are a member of my race. The Korunnai. We are all born strong in the Force… and so are you.”


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